Endonasal Access Guide

SPIWay Endonasal

Access Guide

Proper access is a core tenant to all endoscopic surgery. Whether you are building your endoscopic skull base practice or expanding into more advanced procedures the SPIWay Endonasal Access Guide is designed to take you there.

SPIWay is designed to:

Provide a cleaner surgical field

Protect corridor from blind passage of instruments

Improve surgical efficiency

In partnership with leading neurosurgeon and otolaryngologists, the SPIWay Endonasal Access Guide was developed to easily incorporate into the team approach. For seamless performance, the smooth braid maintains the feel of your surgical technique. With a conforming structure, your corridor is maximized and protected from the blind passage of instruments. SPIWay's watertight surface creates a barrier to keep a cleaner surgical field.

Endonasal Access Guide Sizing


Description: SPIWay Endonasal Access Guide Large

Quantity: 5 Pairs

Length: ~6cm from naris to distal end


Description: SPIWay Endonasal Access Guide Medium

Quantity: 5 Pairs

Length: ~5cm from naris to distal end

The SPIWay Endonasal Access Guide identified herein is covered by the following U.S. patents: US8986201, US10470647, US9949621